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Things You Need For a Journalism Career

A career in journalism may seem simple. When all said and done, you merely must write and read from an idiot panel. But appearances can be deceiving. Being a journalist is a tough job and you require the right training and skills to be able to succeed in it. Here are those things: 1. Talent […]

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Journalism Courses

In today’s era, journalism is considered as one of the glamorous fields as it has gone beyond the traditional and archival style of journalism and has shown the signs of high success and opportunities for new comers. In the past few years, a great demand and enrollment of candidates in various journalism courses have been […]

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Pointers When Taking Up Media And Journalism

Media and journalism cannot be torn apart because they appear hand in hand in the same industry. They both are responsible in disseminating valuable information though they have different ways of execution. Journalism alone, for example, has various forms or types and each focuses on a particular area of writing. Below are some of the […]

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